6 Baltimore Officers Suspended Over Death of Prisoner

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    You left out one that's likely to happen to most officers with camera's too. They die. Battery life on most of them ranges from 2-4 hours. Most officers work any where from 8-12 hours shifts. Still lots of things to improve on with cameras but worth it IMO.
    Could be, the one I'm most familiar with doesn't seem to have a problem recording for the entire shift. But they aren't on and recording for the entire shift either. That is an issue I've read of with some models.

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    The end is all people care about anyway, how else would they have reason to loot and steal. Nobody or no media wants a justified shooting or a justified arrest. All They want is chaos and racism.
    So why bother trying to do something proactive that could possibly be productive? What's the point, eh? Is it more fun to just gripe about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfback20 View Post
    It wouldn't be illegal though, especially in the example I mentioned.
    If it's against the law, then it probably wouldn't come in.

    If it's against police policy but not the law, then that's different.

    Sorry, wasn't really sure which you were going for in your example.