Making A "Tape"

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    Making A "Tape"

    I put "tape" in parentheses because we all know it's really a DVD, but you know what I mean.

    When making a tape for college coaches, keep some things in mind. College coaches really don't like "Highlight" tapes, they want two "Full Game" films. They don't care who those games are against, they kind of know that you are going to send game films of weaker teams, but they want to see how a player plays from play to play. Are you taking plays off?

    Now, if you really want to make a "Highlight" tape, that fine, but limit it to 10 minutes. Coaches don't want to watch you kill lessor athletes for two and half hours. Just make it 10 minutes and add it to the DVD prior to the full game film.

    Some little things are often forgotten when sending tapes to college coaches: Be sure to put your jersey number and color and position on the DVD. Don't assume the coaches know who you are. Let them know which team you are on and what your number is. Also, tell them what position you are playing, if you are player two or more positions, list those other positions as well so they can easily find you on the film. If you have the capability, use a highlighting tool to highlight yourself prior to each play, so they can find you even easier.

    I have asked coaches, in this media age, if they still like getting DVD's, or if they prefer games sent in electronic format, via the web. They have all told me they still like getting the DVD's. Some coaches are more tech savvy then others, but everyone knows how to put a DVD in.

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    Good advice Ram. A college coach suggested to me when I was doing tapes for my sons. Instead of putting 2 full games, put his 4 best halves of football on the DVD. Then at the end put 10 minutes of highlights.

    And on the DVD itself: Name, position, number, high school, coaches name and phone number, your phone number.

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    I've been told before that most coaches won't even watch more than 3 minutes of a highlight film. Most things we put together fit in the 3-5 minute range if the aim is to send it out to a coach. The general aim is to catch their eye with some highlights and as Ram suggested, include the game film.

    As for identification, if at all possible, arrow or otherwise highlight the player before each play in a highlight film. When we make films we do this for every play and re-arrow if they leave the camera frame for a length of time and re-enter. Quarterback only films are the only time this is not done as it is self explanatory which position they play.