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    Met a guy at a Christmas party Friday night who had an interesting experience with a local competitor of mine. The recruiting service tried to sell (emphasize SELL) him a program for his son, a basketball player who I believe is a member of BGP. Here's the deal...

    1) The company set up the meeting with the player, not the parents.
    2) At the meeting, the recruiter said he had seen the boy play when he obviously did not, because...
    3) He told the family he could get the player a DI basketball scholarship if they signed up with his service.

    The father quickly categorized the gentleman as a fast-talking salesman (his son is NOT a DI-caliber player) and asked him to leave.

    I am faced with this all the time, because the poor reputation of companies like this applies to all.

    Beware of the fast-talkers. Ask for references AND results!