Tiered Ticket Pricing: Good or Bad?

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    Tiered Ticket Pricing: Good or Bad?

    Notre Dame is the latest to announce tiered ticket pricing based on seat location and the opponent.

    Instead of almost all tickets costing the same, the price will be determine by where you sit and who you are seeing.

    Tickets will cost as little as $45 (compared to $85) last year but will climb to $300 for prime seats at prime games.

    2017 Home Games are divided into 3 tiers.

    Temple, Miami of Ohio, Wake Forest is the low price tier with endzone tickets at $45.

    NC State and Navy are the middle tier.

    Georgia and USC are the prime tier.

    (BTW ND capacity goes from 80,375 to approx 74,000 due to renovations and the addition of suites built into the education structures now built into the four corners of the stadium. The other improvements include a huge HD video replay board that will not accept advertisements and 1400 TVs around the stadium. And a new state of the art sound system.)

    Tiered Pricing......Good idea or bad idea for college football?

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    The opponent's quality may move during the season so that by the time you play a late season game, you may be overpaying for an opponent which has underperformed. Of course, the converse is true. This type of pricing is like buying a lobster dinner---market rate. It is similar to what scalpers do. I don't really see a problem with it.................unless you subscribe to the theory that college athletics are not driven by money. A reasonably priced allotment for students should be available, though.

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    If you know you are going to sell out regardless of price, make the money. If ND fans don't want to pay $300 to see the Irish play USC and Georgia they won't come. I have this odd feeling they will. ND does, too.

    An example...

    USF single game tickets normally range from $20 or $45. For the FSU game, last year, they ranged from $85 to $95. By selling 55,000 tickets at the higher rate for the latter, USF made as much off that game as they did their 6 other home games. BTW, the student section at RayJay is made up of 12,000 seats and are free to USF students first come, first serve.

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    I know the Bama/FSU ticket prices are crazy.