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Some times it is good being the dumbest guy in the room. This was my second day visiting Centre College spring practice. I got to sit in on a defensive meeting, team meeting, QB meeting, and watch practice. I especially enjoyed the kick off return drill work they did today.

Football programs have their own language and verbiage. It is healthy for me to hear a different approach to the game. Football is football. But, the ways we can attack problems and teach the game can have multiple methods. I always think it makes me better when I see and hear a coach teach something in a different way and with different terminology. It helps me grow as a coach. It is a great reminder for me that even after 25 years as a head coach, there is a lot I don't know and I still have much to learn. Experiences like this keep the game fresh for me and keep me on my toes.

Every chance I get, I try to visit quality programs that allow me access to their practices. At Mason County, I went to Fort Thomas Highlands. Since moving back to Mercer County, I enjoy visiting Centre & Boyle County. Adding Boyle to the schedule may affect that one a little, but being this close to Centre and the quality of their program is a gold mine for me. Coach Frye may begin charging me admission to practice! When the day comes that learning & improving are no longer a priority, I will do my team a favor and give up coaching. But for now, every chance I can get to learn and get better, I am going to take it.

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