Rutgers Fires Chris Ash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getslow View Post
    The nice thing about the AAC (or formerly the Big East) if you're a rebuilding program is that everything is cyclical, something you don't get in the Power Five. Coach shows up, coach builds program, coach leaves. Anybody can win, but nobody wins for long. Apart from WVU, in those years between the 2005 and 2013 alignments, teams were all over the place. The league still has some of that in it.

    Not a particularly compelling hypothetical since Rutgers isn't going anywhere, but it's a more interesting case than Rutgers finding 6 wins with a Big Ten schedule anytime soon.
    Without a doubt Rutgers would definitely be more compelling in the AAC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Getslow View Post
    The best years they ever had were in competition with the teams that now make up the backbone of the AAC.
    Pitt, UL, Cuse, WVU. UC was strong and USF was bipolar. UConn is UConn. The best years they had were not against Memphis, Houston, UCF, Navy, SMU and the rest of the misfit toys.