Mississippi State Hires Mike Leach

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    So Leach is going to be head and shoulders better than Morehead? The guy didn't even get one complete four year recruiting cycle. Should be interesting.
    I agree. I love the hire from one standpoint because it's Mike Leach and his whole persona. They'll win 6-8, maybe a 9 or 10 here or there- but, it will be around that 7 win average like Morehead.

    Still blows my mind that some of these schools like Mississippi State and other mid tier Power 5 schools think they are "to good" to hire guys like Jeff Monken from Army, Niumatalolo from Navy, Troy Calhoun from Air Force or even Paul Johnson who was at Georgia Tech. All these guys do is win, with far less talent than almost all of their FBS counterparts.

    Paul Johnson won in the ACC and had much stricter academic restrictions than Mississippi State- as a matter of fact, that goes for all those guys.

    But fan bases have gotten to where if they aren't in some form of the gun (not even going to say "spread", bc their styles are actually from the spread- they just happen to be under center and not in the gun). Style over substance.