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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumper_Dad View Post
    How is Penn St. Ranked ahead of UK?
    PSU has zero wins over a team in the current top 25 while UK has 3. While UK has a marginally worse loss, they also have 3 or 4 better wins.
    Nothing outside of the top 6 makes any sense IMO. It’s like they just drew 19 teams out of a hat a put them in the order they came out. I’m sure there are those out there saying Penn State is at 12 to prop Ohio State up, but if the committee wanted to set Ohio State up to jump Oklahoma why would they drop Northwestern this week in a game where they took out all their starters when they went up 3 scores? Also Florida over UK?

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    If Oklahoma beats Texas and Memphis beats UCF, that's two teams UK can jump. That puts them at #13 theoretically. Just don't see their path to the top 12 unless the committee realizes how absurd Penn State & Florida being ahead of them is...