Important Announcement - MUST READ

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    Important Announcement - MUST READ

    In our College Sports Forums, there are many spirited rivalries between area schools. While we encourage discussion and debate, within the rules, we are seeing a problem emerge that we must address. Too many threads are being thread-jacked, and far too many of our members are being alienated by bullying tactics.

    We want to be crystal clear, IT ENDS NOW!

    Threads about one program, be it UK, UL, UC, OSU, or whomever, need to remain that way and not digress into a playground fight between fans of two rivals. If you want to start a thread comparing two programs, then you need to state that in the title of the thread. Any and all attempts to divert a thread about one program into another debate between schools will be viewed as a rules violation.

    We want our College Sports Forums to be a place where ALL fans can be comfortable participating in the discussions, civil debates and the exchange of information. If your agenda is to agitate fans of your rival school and bait them into an argument, then BGP is not for you.