Harbaugh to also interview for the ND job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ets Factor View Post
    I agree but I don't think Harbaugh is next in line, it's Stoops. No we haven't heard anything about Notre Dame talking to Stoops formally but many ND sources are saying that Kelly is plan A and Stoops is plan B.
    Stoops would have been plan A. With BK further down the wish list. JMO

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    Harbaugh said the following last night in Green Bay when asked about the ND job:

    "I'm the head coach of Stanford University...I don't discuss other coaching positions."

    When asked if he'd be at Stanford next year:

    "I love Stanford University and God willing, yes I'll be back at Stanford next year."

    Again, this could just be coach speak but ESPN is not reporting too that Harbaugh won't be interviewing for the job.