Back To The Future - A Better Way

Page 3 of After a lifetime of hearing complaints about the bowl system, then the BCS, and now the Playoff System, I think a return to the old Bowl setup would be... 32 comments | 2210 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by futurecoach View Post
    Ew, that would have been awful games to see. The closest game there would have been the Georgia vs Baylor matchup and that game really wasn’t even that close. Not to mention we would have ended the season with 3 undefeated teams, and never knowing who the true National Champ was.

    I’m sorry but that system was horrible.
    I understand and respect your opinion. You are “future coach”. My name should be...”ReallyOldCoach”!

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    Classic setup left way too much to chance. If you returned to it the term "Mythical" would have be re-inserted.

    BCS was not bad.

    Four is enough.

    Eight is too many.

    Sixteen is insane.

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    The old mythical system didn’t work. It was whichever team had the most media power in their section of the country. Notre Dame and Michigan St tied in their game 10-10 in 1966 season and both ended with no losses and that one tie. Alabama was undefeated the same season. Voters gave the national title to Notre Dame. Go figure.