(UK) Football, Racism, & Reconciliation

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    (UK) Football, Racism, & Reconciliation

    This is a story that I was not previously familiar with, though I did go to high school with some 'Hogg' descendants.

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    Houston Hogg and His Story of Football, Racism, and Reconciliation...

    Houston Hogg and His Story of Football, Racism, and Reconciliation - Owensboro Living

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    Interesting read and thanks for posting,

    I'd say that exact same story, unfortunately, played out at several schools over the years.

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    Thanks for the article. It certainly paints a picture for what life was like back then. As Jumper_Dad said, I imagine this was common with most schools back then. There were a lot of people that had an issue with integration back then and most of them were very vocal in that fact. It's sad, but it is what it is. Thankfully it's now in the past.