Which Feels Worse? 2010 or 2015?

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    I am with you! I am only upset when they don't make a final four. 2010 bothered me more because UK clearly had the better team and didn't get it done that night. I honestly was not that upset this year. Disappointed they didn't finish it off, but not upset. This season was one of the best all time so it is hard to be upset.
    I have never understood the being happy with making a semi finals of a tournament. For me its definitely a bigger disappointment when they get so close and then lose. Now when I look back at things yes I would rather them have made the final four than the elite 8. However being crowned the best team in the country is what matters most IMO, and getting so close and coming up short makes it much harder for me.

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    Personally, 2010 was much harder to take. I am very disappointed UK didn't win it to complete the undefeated season, but while I don't think they played as good as they could, I felt they still played a very good game against Wisconsin, and I think Wisconsin was an opponent that was worthy of beating them. I don't remotely feel that way about the 2010 edition. In a lot of ways I think that team was a better team than this 2015 edition, and they laid a bona fide egg against a team that hadn't been to the Final Four in just over 50 years. Going 4/32 from the three point line and missing their first 20 threes was an outlier for the team. They never set the world on fire from three that season, but were respectable at 33%. Both the WV and Cornell game they just couldn't throw it in the ocean. And on the other side, West Virginia makes eight threes and ZERO two pointers in the first half. It was a crazy game, and definitely far, far away from the best Kentucky could play. We'll never known for certain if they'd have beaten Duke, but I'd have liked their shot more than what West Virginia did against them.