Virginia 80 Purdue 75 OT (NCAA Tournament Elite 8)

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    Virginia executed the missed free throw tip out to perfection. What a finish. Glad to see Virginia save us from having to see Matt Painter in the Final 4.

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    I thought the decision to foul was the right call. It's just that everything that had to happen, happened. Hit free throw, miss free throw, get the rebound, and get the basket.

    Quite the turnaround for Virginia. Redemption story for them.

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    What stood out to me is the unfortunate Cline missed free throw attempt in regulation. With just a few seconds left, if both free throws are made, Purdue goes up 4—and it will take more than a buzzer beater 3 by Virginia to go into OT. But still—Cline had a tremendous tourney run.

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    It was surprising to me that Painter didn't put Williams in for Eifert for rebounding on the Virginia free throws at the end of regulation. Would have had a much better chance of boxing out and preventing the tip back on the missed shot. 3 inches taller and much more physical.

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    Really bummed that I had to miss watching this one.

    I know many will say that the right play is to foul there, but I am kinda glad it backfired on Purdue, even though I wanted them to win. I don't think I am in the camp that agrees with fouling the opposing team on purpose in that situation. Just personal preference.