UC vs Ohio State to Open Remodeled 5/3rd Arena

Page 3 of UC just announced that their first opponent in the newly remolded 5/3rd arena will be the Ohio State Buckeyes. Advertisement 0 0 0    ... 31 comments | 1025 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Yeah OSU could beat UC nobody is denying that. But its also the best case scenario. Yeah UK would generate a lot more buzz than OSU, but UC would lose for sure. XU wouldn't be smart because you never want to lead off the season with your rival especially in a new arena. OSU gives them a headliner opponent with a geographical rivalry that hasn't been played in almost a century, and they have a realistic chance of winning. Best case scenario.
    OSU is a great first game. Totally agree.

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    Not sure what the argument is here. Great move, glad they are playing each other no matter where it is on the schedule.