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    Just asking, how many teams have every one a championship starting 5 freshman? Even 4 and soph? The 2012 team had some good upper classmen. No team since then has had the experience that I believe is needed to come thru at tournament time. This is just my opinion as was my first post. But until they win it again I'll stick with what I'm saying. Remember the team that had 2 platoons? Easily on paper the best in the feild. Did not win it.
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    That 2012 team had 2 upperclassmen, Darius Miller and Eloy Vargas, that played much at all. Only 1 of them could be classified as good.
    Only 6 freshman, 2 of which never saw the floor and 1 with limited minutes. Two soph that were good both went to the nba that year. Juniors that may not have been great players but provided much leadership. I can say this because my son and I spent 2 days with this team and even teague, davis and gilchrist looked to the ones above them for advice and guidance. Without Miller I don't believe that team would have succeeded like they did. They all really clicked and worked well together and that is something that hasn't happened since in my opinion.