Should Rick Pitino go to prison?

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    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) - An unsealed document in the NCAA basketball pay-for-play scandal shows that "Coach 2" of "University 6" knew everything that occurred between his players and Adidas representatives.

    Coach-2 has been determined to be former University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino, as identified by multiple media outlets.

    The indictment says that Pitino had knowledge of the scheme and directed payments to players, completely contradictory to his denials that he knew nothing.

    Pitino and Athletic Director Tom Jurich were both fired from the University of Louisville's athletic department. Pitino denied that he and Jim Gatto, an Adidas official indicted in the case, had ever texted about anything other than shoes.

    In the indictment, indicted co-conspirator Christian Dawkins, a former sports agent, explained that while "Coach-2" and the University of Louisville were recruiting the student-athlete, he asked Coach-2 to call Gatto to request that Adidas provide the money requested by the family of the student-athlete, which Coach-2 agreed to do.

    The new indictment explicitly states that Pitino was aware of the scheme and actively participated in it.

    Here is Gatto's unsealed indictment.

    Unsealed Indictment: Rick Pitino Knew Everything - | Continuous News and StormTracker Weather

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    And the plot thickens...

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    Quote Originally Posted by theguru View Post
    He is the guy in charge and I don't believe for a second that he didn't know what was going on.
    Well you proved yourself 1000% correct.