Shaka Smart to Texas

Page 4 of Just got the breaking news alert from CBS on my phone saying that Texas will hire VCU's Shaka Smart as it's next head basketball coach... 46 comments | 3546 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    In the snow, laying there like a slug


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    Not surprising and it likely won't change much for Texas going forward. The boosters at Texas are who truly runs/coaches the program. If you don't take their advice as far as recruiting, how to coach your team, etc and not still find a way to win big games/tournaments you may as well pack your bags.

    Smart was a success before going to Texas, Barnes is a success after leaving Texas. Let that sink in for a moment. The firing of Vince Young recently from the football staff could be warranted, or maybe he just wasn't playing well with the good ole boy network?

    Texas is a different animal than most schools and if you don't fit in with the high dollar boosters your time there will be limited. Shaka will land back on his feet though, just like Barnes did.