One and Done Rule getting changed?

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    One and Done Rule getting changed?

    Adrian Wojnarowski

    The NBA and NBPA conversations on eliminating the one-and-done draft rule -- which would allow high school seniors to enter the NBA -- are centered on the 2020 Draft as the earliest possible date for change, league sources tell ESPN.
    9:03 AM - Apr 25, 2018

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    Calapari hit the nail on the head.

    The NBA should doa combine for HS kids and be honest with themon who they think is a none and done and who should go back to college.

    I agree with Cal on NOT expanding the D League or G League becasue it is a bad idea because most will never make it to the NBA and will miss out on getting a college diploma in the long run.

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    I am for eliminating the rule. But the players union if it has it's current members interest first should want the rule expanded not decreased.