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    The head of officials should be asked to step down immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 75center View Post
    Heard them talking about this on Mike & Mike this morning. Sure looks like a failure in the system. It does make the refs look better on that call though. Just that call.
    It looks fine for those refs, but the Chief Official that decided not to say anything may have some explaining to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcpapa View Post
    ^ Saying that the 3 officials on the floor didn't have the best view - the one that the television audience got late. The chief of officials saw it late and evidently had an opportunity to "make the call himself".

    A. Why didn't the officials get the same angles as the viewing audience?

    2. Why did the chief of officials ultimately "keep his whistle in his pocket"?

    D. Ultimately not a game-changer.
    No way for you to make that determination. I think Duke still wins the game but there is a world of difference between getting the ball back down 5 with 1:53 left and getting the ball back down 8 with 1:24 left. WORLD of difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wireman View Post
    There would be less missed calls if players called the games themselves like pickup games. And I'm serious.
    Then you could still have refs available to verify if the player made the right or wrong call. Just a thought.

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    Now the VP of the NCAA says they (officials) saw all of the angles shown on CBS. Something is very funny here.