Louisville Basketball team members suing NCAA over 2013 Championship nullification.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugatti View Post
    I know Luke was the MOP. I know UL cut down the nets. I think this is how most people look at it.

    With how Rick exited I believe most throw this at his feet, clearing the reputations of the kids associated with the team. Again, getting back to my previous post, they want their names in the record books. Whose record books? The NCAA's, a corrupt organization that nobody has any respect for.
    We are on the same page. We know it happened, the players know it happened, everybody knows it happened. Either they care about the NCAA recognizing it or they don't. Personally, I wish everyone on the UofL side would just let it go.

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    As a UofL fan this lawsuit doesn’t bother me or delay me from “moving on”.

    It’s obviously very personal for the players. Love me some Luke Hancock..... you do you UofL 2013 NCAA Champion team!