Louisville 82 Michigan State 78 (OT)

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    They are legitimately 10 deep. The problem is none of the 10 are "all world" and none of them are "junk." Makes for some difficult coaching decisions and interesting rotations. Fore and McMahon have been basically switching defense / offense late in close games.

    Fore - defensive stud and a smart player
    McMahon - streaky 3 shooter but defensive liability and must develop his game "off the bounce" to complement the long ball
    Cunningham - trusted with the ball at PG to make smart decisions and run the offense
    Perry - huge upside and defensive skills; needs to find his place in the offense and make the right decisions; very athletic

    Sutton - smart and can hit outside as well as drive; good rebounding instincts
    Nwora - developing fast but still presses too hard; needs to let the game come to him and facilitate more; defense is suspect
    King - who knows; kid was invisible last night played only 14 minutes, didn't score and had 2 rebs; with the talent he has, that is amazing; hope he is learning that Mack won't play him just because he was a McD All-American; needs to earn playing time

    Enoch - most talent with huge upside but still very tentative; true defensive liability on the block; MSU could have scored at will if they had simply fed the post when he was in there
    Agau - least talent but highest IQ and motor; seems like a leader; only played 10 mins last night due to foul trouble but was impactful during that time on both ends
    Williams - shoots the ball WAAAAY too much and in critical possessions; has athletic ability but struggles on the block; basketball IQ seems questionable; his foul after a rebound of a missed FT with 10 secs left was enraging; TV Teddy gave him every opportunity to back off the guy to avoid the unnecessary foul call 94' from the hoop, but Williams just kept fouling the guy (luckily he missed)

    I'm confident Mack will figure out the combinations that work best and maximize what he can get from this squad as the season progresses. Very glad to win a close game.