Kentucky 86 Alabama 63

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    You know what’s amazing? When this team makes shots they look really damn good like they did today. Today was one of the first times where every time anyone shot the ball I expected it to go in. I can’t say enough about SGA though. What a freaking player. That dude has earned everything he gets. At the Craft center at 7 am every morning watching film or getting up shots. I absolutely love this kid. He’s special.
    UK may go out first round of the tournament, but SGA is one of those unorthodox players that can give teams fits in the tournament.

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    Tremendous defensive effort.

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    I like W's

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    I don't think that I could feel better for a kid than I do W. Gabriel after this one. With all he and his family has been thru to get to America, to where he is today it's just feels good to see him have a game like this. Wayne exploded for 23 points and UK took down Bama ! The U.K. Defense was really clicking again today. Gabriel went off for 7-7 three pointers and our defense was obviously the story in this one. Having said that, I thought everyone played well. Cats shot 81 % in the 2nd half !!
    This team is playing together....talking, helping / picking up one another on defense. I think I heard Cal say in an interview that the Cats had 20 assist to just 10 turnovers offensively. Sill a little high on t/o's but the assist are showing what these guys can do when they move and pass the ball.