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    Quote Originally Posted by Getslow View Post
    I don't really want to pile on... but yeah, I'd be stunned of there were more than a couple schools procuring hookers for recruits. Way too many problems.
    To be honest I would be surprised if many schools are paying hookers to have sex with potential NBA draft picks. In generally girls are falling in line to do such a thing and likely forgot to take their birth control prior to said event. Just sayin....

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopsr1 View Post
    This is all about UofL, but anyone who thinks UofL basketball is the only team conducting this type of recruiting activity has their head in the sand. EVERY top 20 program is doing something similar for recruits. Probably not to the extent as UofL, but close.
    I wouldn't be shocked at all to hear a recruit hooked up with a co-ed on a recruiting visit. I would be surprised if the program was dumb enough to have any coach, paid university staff member, or etc. involved in that. Not 20 years ago, but definitely now with how easily information gets out. But like @rockmom said, I wouldn't have thought UL was dumb enough to do it before this.

    I'd think that after this UL scandal broke, if this type of behavior was happening to the extent of UL, someone, somewhere else would be looking to get paid for their story.

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    She will always be my hero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Schue View Post
    Besides, isn't that what the "hostess" program is for?