Florida 66 Kentucky 64

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    Quote Originally Posted by futurecoach View Post
    Agreed. Most of these guys are not one and done. That's my point. My fellow UK fans have been saying they were tired on one and done guys and wanted more talented guys who will stay. Well they have that in this team and still complain. Because now they forgot freshman who are not elite one and done guys don't come in college and look great right away.
    Now that I agree with. If we want titles we need no doubt one and dones. If we want to “get to know players’’ we have a team like this. Can’t have it both ways. People are more upset that Duke is the new Kentucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Anthony View Post
    Is he talented? Any player wearing a Kentucky uniform should be talented. Cal kicked this thing off with Wall, Cousins and Bledsoe. Talented players never got him anywhere at UMASS or Memphis, superstars did. Davis and MKG brought him a title. Most of the players on this team are reserve players on Calís susperstar teams.
    I might disagree on the UMass and Memphis story you share.

    His 1992 team was Sweet 16 with a freshman Lou Roe as only NBA player. They made elite 8 in 1995 and Final Four with only Camby in 96.

    Didnít he make another Elight Eight or two before Rose? Iím not sure your facts are right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by futurecoach View Post
    I been a UK fan all my life, graduated from UK. Yet my fellow UK fans always confuse me. When Tubby was here people wanted the top recruits. The last few years people say they wanted and missed having talented guys who developed and watched them grow into a great team.

    We have a team this year with talent. We have a possible lottery pick in Knox depending how he finishes this year. We have other talented guys who are talented but will need to stay awhile and don't just walk on the court like Fox and dominate. Yet people still complain. No matter what UK does people will find something to complain about.

    Is Green as good as other pgs were their freshman year? No. Is he talented, yes! Is he someone that probably will be a very good pg for this team during most likely his three or four year career yes.

    It's very simple we have been spoiled here under Cal. So when a freshman doesn't come in and play great right away people just go right to they are bad. Yet forget players do get better. Green has shown enough flashes to believe he will be a very good college player here at uk.
    Well you made my point for me, he is not a superstar and that is what this team is missing. Cal has pretty much had a superstar point guard his entire tenure at UK, with this team he does not and they miss it sorely. They struggle to shoot outside and without a point guard to create easy baskets for others (aka: Fox, Wall, Ullis, etc.), this team will be in constant struggles. Cal thought Green was going to be that guy (for this years team), but he hasn't. Cal missed in recruiting, it happens. I can almost guarantee you he didn't recruit him to be his point guard 3 years from now. Not how Cal operates, especially knowing this team was going to be so young.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjknku02 View Post
    Believe me, I understand he has been out. I thought the same thing when he was playing regularly and wasn't injured. They won't win the NIT with him as their starting point guard.

    Fox was just an example and I can name several others. Cal has gotten great guards in the past, which in my opinion Green is not. That is what I believe this team is sorely missing. They can't shoot and without having a great guard, there is no one to break a defense down and create shots for the team. That is evident by his lack luster assist numbers. I get it, your a fan of his. Me, I am not.
    I just don't think he's horrible. And whether you want to admit it or not, he's a big reason that they won several games before Christmas.