Duke 87 Florida 84

Page 4 of Final. Great comeback by Duke, scoring 15 of the last 17 points in the game. Marvin Bagley took over, finishing with 30 &15.... 49 comments | 1315 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Be the person people are talking about, not the person talking about other people.

    I wish people would just understand how silly this conference promotional garbage is. Would UK have made it to 38-0 if they played in the ACC? Probably not. Did they lose to Wisconsin because they are in the SEC? Don't be ridiculous. None of it matters. All of you talking about it are falling for the crap ESPN and CBS Sports put out there. It doesn't matter. Conferences don't matter. Teams matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gametime View Post

    What a glorious thread...
    Your picture is glorious

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    Best 2 teams in the country. K is really hurting Cal lately and next years class will hurt just as bad if not more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrizzlyAdams View Post
    Okay guys. I really didnt wanna waste 5 minutes to do this. Going back to 2011-2012... These numbers are from wiki so they could be a little wrong if so forgive me. I'll give you guys final record of the season and ranking going into the SEC Tournament of the top 3 teams of the SEC from 2011 til this past year.

    #1 UK 38-2
    #20 Vandy 25-11
    #25 Florida 26-11

    #14 Florida 29-8
    NR Ole Miss 27-9
    NR Alabama 23-13
    (UK went 21-12)

    #1 Florida 36-3
    NR Kentucky 29-11 (the team that went deep as an 8? seed)
    Georgia 20-14

    #1 UK 38-1
    #21 Arkansas 27-9
    NR LSU 22-11

    #10 UK 27-9
    #15 TAMU 28-9
    NR South Carolina 25-9

    #5 UK- 32-6
    #20 Florida 27-9
    NR Arkansas 26-10

    In no way does that scream good compeition. You take UK out and the SEC looks like garbage.
    Didnít South Carolina go to the Final Four last year? You might list them in last years lineup.

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    I think what gave K the upper hand on Cal in recruiting the elite of the elite players in the past few years goes back to Duke winning the 2015 championship in what was considered UKís for the taking. That upset loss to Wisconsin and Duke winning in a year that they werenít expected to win it, similar to 2010, is what the latest youngsters remember. A championship in 2015 would have been Calís second and the first undefeated season since 1976. I believe if he had pulled off that double whammy it would have been huge for recruiting. He would be landing several of these top 10 studs right along with K.