Do You Trust This UK Team ???

Page 2 of What is your level of trust in this UK team? I believe they could turn it on for one game and beat anyone in the country. But I wouldn't put much money... 18 comments | 571 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    This team is just a little lacking versus previous high seed UK teams. But I trust them a lot more than I did one month ago.

    My biggest worry is the defense just isn't as good as usual for a Cal UK team at this point in the season. It is much better now than it was a month ago and they can play great defense for brief periods of time. But this is one of Cal's worst defensive teams. That is why this team struggles to close out wins. I don't trust this team to get defensive stops at crunch time.

    Offensively, the development of Bam's game, Fox now hitting jumpers and Hawkins becoming more consistent on the outside shots has me feeling much better on that side.

    Hopefully, UK keeps improving each game the rest of the way. They have been getting better game by game over the past three weeks. If they can keep getting wins and improving, you never know.

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    To be fair it happens to veteran teams too, and have let downs in the tournament. Just look at Michigan states veteran squad last year losing in the first round as a 2 seed, and the defending National Champs Villanova losing in the 2nd round with almost the same team as last year that won it.

    This dang tournament is just so hard to win, and doesn't matter if you have one and dones, a mixture or all veterans. If you have one bad game or the other teams plays a great game, your season is over.

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    What are we trusting them with?

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    No, and heck No