Jordan Nevels to Highlands?

Page 11 of Thanks Oldbird. If the Nevels move here, I guess their other son, Joesph, will have to commute to SK for a few months. Shouldn't be too bad to do. If J... 153 comments | 21547 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Originally posted by HerePiggyPiggy
    [Sorry blueblood - I don't post much, but this is like a circus now - and the boys who are left at SK do deserve better.

    Like Lou Holtz said - "if you don't want to be part of the solution, then you are part of the problem." [/B]
    I agree with you on both accounts but unfortunately no matter how many kids were ever to leave the school the "problem" will still remain.

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    I call them like I see them and with these red glasses on that's just the way it looks.

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    Originally posted by password

    I vote for #2. I think they like to sled ride together in the Guru's backyard and have a hot cocoa around the fire afterward.
    Disturbing visual - ain't it?

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    My posts are comical???? Entertaining???? Yet it was I who was fast, first and factual in regards to the brother living in the Highlands district and the possibility loomed for a guardianship switch, and that is the current plan.
    Yet everything I have is second and third hand information and none of it is accurate???
    Just to clarify a few things...SweetCake...I never said that Mueller was personally involved with this matter and never once said that Mueller was recruiting him. However, everyone on this board would be naive to not think that Mueller didn't have one inkling that this kid was looking to go to Highlands.
    Yeah Dave Guidugli does do a lot of schmoozing, but Dave is a bluebird at heart. He may very well have been talking about his Fitness stuff...
    A lot of shots are being taking at Simon Kenton's program. No it isn't anywhere near as successful as Highlands, but it is on better footing over the last few years than it has ever been.
    Anyone who thinks this move has anything other to do than boost one kids athletic future, is an utter confabulation.
    Has Highlands done anything wrong? No. Just a very good football program.
    Has Simon Kenton done anything wrong? No. From what I understand they are willing to let the kid walk. And I would imagine for them, they have already considered him gone.