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    Hard work itself isn't enough to earn respect, Winning is the only way. I really admire that in a person. I quess you have taken it upon yourself to prove my point.
    Unless you win we won't support you.
    You still insist it is the coaches, Thats pretty easy. I can tell you this you are not close enough to the program to make this evaluation.
    It is the simple things that show the lack of support.

    Cheerleaders-- By the end of the year their will probably be no more than 6 of them, when we started the season with @ 12.
    they only want to cheer for football. Spirit ribbons, not during basketball, Locker stickers,one a week like football, no you get one a year for the season.

    Pep Rally-- There are 4/5 football/volleyball pep rallies a year, the last two years there has been 1 each year for BB Boys and girls combined. I can tell you this the kids consider them a joke. because of the effort that goes into them.

    Pep club--- It ceases to exist after football season.

    So the picture you paint at Beechwood is if you win you are great we really care,but just work hard and dedicate yourself to something you believe in and you are not worth our time.

    I'm going to end my participation in this thread by taking The X-pert off may ignore list and maybe becoming a little more open minded because I certainly, now know what a Beech-Nut is

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    There's just no way to please you is there? I've said numerous times that I respect and support the efforts of those that are involved with the basketball program. I also never said it was right that winning is the easiest way to earn respect/support. Actually I said that I hated to say that. We're talking about high school and junior high kids here. It'd be nice if there was the maturity to see the time and effort that the basketball team gives, and maybe for a few there are. But I guarantee you most of the school will jump on if the team starts winning. That's the way high school is, that's the way sports are, and that's the way life is. Do I need to tell you again that this is not necessarily right, it's just fact? And again, I was not criticizing the coaches, I was saying that may be a problem, I don't know if it is, which I said as well. Several times I've told you that this was just speculation.

    One one hand you seem to demand support and respect for the basketball program, but on the other you're content to only criticize others rather than offer any answers to questions that have been asked or to offer any solutions of your own. I can't see any reason to belabor this and continue to post, as you've assured me that your next post will only be another delusionary representation of the things I have said and possibly another diatribe on a school and community that you see as bent on keeping the basketball program down.