WWE Payback 4/30

Page 2 of Raw exclusive PPV but will feature a wrestler or two from smackdown Bray Wyatt (raw) vs Randy Orton (c) (SD) for WWE World Heavyweight Championship (SD... 17 comments | 567 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by theguru View Post
    I think this is where the WWE blurs the lines between their movie interests (horror in this case) and actual WWE wrestling.

    I thought it was okay, kind of like with the New Day ventured out to one of Bray's remote locations.
    It was like I was watching a bad 1980s horror movie.

    I want to see them wrestle not chase each other around a house. I didn't care for the way it ended either.

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    Except for the House of Horrors match, Payback was really good. I thought Alexa vs. Bayley was the match of the night.

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    This is the actual house they used for "House of Horrors" it is actually for sale and was filmed last week in Richmond Missouri

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