Wrestling business has gone down the tubes

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    Wrestling business has gone down the tubes

    First off, let me say, that I'm just as big wrestling fan as the next guy, with that said, I think the wrestling business/industry has gone way down since the 90's/attitude era.

    No longer allowed to get vulgar on the show nor they aren't allowed to get real bloody like they use too.

    Girls use to be able to wear bikini's, mud bath fights, and so on, now they just wear sports bras that cover everything up (not that it bothers me because it doesn't)

    trash talk way too long instead of having matches,. Opening segments nearly last 30 minutes.

    Wrestlers keep getting title shot after title shot after title shot after title shot (even after losing their "contracted title re-match") I can understand if it's for different belts but it's generally the same title that they keep getting matches with/for.

    Talent is good but I don't think it's as good as it once was.

    I think title reigns hurt the business as well, no need in having someone or a team keep the titles for 2+ years

    No brawls like WWF/WCW had back in the day

    Nowadays, you hear about other promotions; Impact Wrestling, ROH, Global Force Wrestling and several others, back then all you had was WWF and WCW.

    I think going overseas (other than the troops) hurts the business as well, when WWE goes to England they have very crappy shows.

    Shows are too long, Raw should be 2 hrs just like Smackdown....Stop with the pre-show stuff with all the PPV's, Wrestlemania doesn't need to be a 2-night event.

    and finally, part-time champions, don't get me wrong, I'm a die hard/huge fan of Brock Lesnar (Raw Brand's Universal Champ) but the title(s) need to be defended more often than not and on both live shows (Raw's Universal title) and Smackdown Live's (WWE Title) and actually have the title change hands more often then not.

    This is why I think the wrestling business has gone way down from where it use to be.

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    I don't necessarily agree with all of your points, but I do agree with your overriding point that pro wrestling has gone downhill.

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    A lot of these things I agree with. I would not watch if they brought back the attitude era stuff though (meaning all the raunchy stuff)

    WWE suffers from over exposure. A week like the one coming up has five consecutive nights of wrestling if you watch NXT. That's overkill.

    I also am not a fan of the brand split, because you end up seeing the same matches over and over again.

    Part time champions don't work with the brand split either. It's much more feasible with one roster.

    I do think WWE has a ton of talent right now, which is a huge plus. They just need to work better at building new stars.

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    Go to a good indy show and you'll like what you see much more than on TV

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    Talent is WAY better now than it was during the Attitude Era. Its just we have a few iconic names from that era. The overall depth of the roster and matches on the mid card, lower card are vastly better.

    Went to the NXT Live Event at BB&T Arena last night. Very entertaining show.

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    I think it's gone down hill, because they don't give to many guys Championship runs. Dolph Ziegler I think would do a great job as the Champ as a heal or a face. They wasted Daniel Bryant imo but not really giving him a true championship run. I think they waited way to long before finally giving Bray Wyatt a Championship. I love his character, and they could have built his character up even more earlier in his career with a championship run, instead of him losing a lot in those big matches.

    Then even how they keep trying to push Roman Reigns over the top. I do think he could be a big draw if they did try to put him over with the way he currently is. They should have made him turn complete heal a long time ago. I think that would have done so much more for his character and them trying to put him over.

    The talent is there. I just don't think they are using guys the right way, and or using the storylines right.