Your favorite teacher...what subject did he or she teach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by swamprat View Post
    Not exactly. However, I only listed the courses where I enjoyed the teacher.

    My degree from Morehead is an Associate. When I decided to get my engineering degree and attend UK, not much transferred. I also worked to pay my tuition and housing, so I only maintained a minimum class load. I got a job offer I could not refuse, so I left UK to take it. From that point on I went to school when I had the money to do so. I moved when I had to maintain employment. No student loans. Job first, school second, then job first, family second, school third.

    My courses at Cumberland were during the summer between my junior and senior years in high school and the summer between Morehead and UK. My instructor for the Chem courses, I did take Chem II there as well, was also a ham operator, which I was heavily into at the time. I learned a little chemistry. He got his 2 meter transceiver fixed and his CW transceiver tuned.

    When at Marquette, you were required to take either a theology elective or a philosophy elective. While taking Logic 101, I was also taking Calc III as well as other 2nd year curriculum. The professor who taught the logic course, was a dyed in the wool hippie from the sixties. I know she was high half the time.

    Dynamics is not a freshman year course. At least not for me. Physics I, Physics II, Statics, then Dynamics. The professor who taught it was a complete wack job who made the subject completely enjoyable. Think Bill Nye teaching a college course while on meth. He would have made Statics fun.

    I'm 61, now, and still going to school, though it's mostly monthly lectures, meetups, and Udemy courses. Life is a journey, yes?

    Did that satisfy your confusion?

    Or did it at least bore you to tears?
    Swamprat, you brought a smile to my face. Greatly admire and respect your journey. You have established some deep footprints in the sand.

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    In Lothlorien, where the trees bore flowers of gold and no evil thing ever dared come.

    Grade school: a history class on the ancient Greeks and Romans.

    High school: Early Modern European History.

    College (tie): Seminar on the life and work of Ernest Hemingway; Development of Modern Political Thought (The Reformation through The Enlightenment).

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    Sr. Lynn grades 4,5,&6. at St. Aloysius in Covington. Taught all subjects and helped to lay a foundation for the rest of my life. Took interest in every student and made everyone feel safe and special with unconditional love. Super committed teacher who was also the girl's volleyball coach as well as a great whiffle ball player who could hold her own with all of the boys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jersey Washer of 3 View Post
    In high school I had Mr. Emmelheinz for English & Advanced Writing. He was a great teacher; he was a little quirky but that is what made his classes interesting. I always remember what he told us, “If you can write a paper for me, you will be able to write a paper for anyone.” Truth!

    In college I took Appalachian Literature and The Bible as Literature. Dr. Danny Miller taught both. He was an amazing Professor and these are my two favorite classes I took while in college.
    I do not know this for a fact, but I was told a few years ago that Otto Emmelheinz had two sisters that were also teachers....Marion Romo that taught Latin at CCHS and Mary Ellen Lucas that taught history at Beechwood. He was a fun duck to have as a teacher, even back in the early 60's.

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    I never had Mrs. Romo but she did teach at CCHS.
    Mr. Emmelheinz was also a minister. He was just one of those teachers that students never forget!

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    In high school, Mr. Nixon and Russian history. It was all new to me with such a wide variety of people, geography, and historical influences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldercoach View Post
    1st grade teacher, Mrs. Noerker. All of us came from pretty humble backgrounds and 1st grade was our first school experience away from home (no kindergarten in 1952). She made it a point to give each of us (perhaps 20) a few minutes of lap time everyday where she patted us on the shoulder, told us what fine young boys/girls we were and how we could be anything we wanted to be in life. Gave us the confidence to be excited about the future and attentive to what teachers shared in our daily classes. She was awesome and laid a foundation in me for lifetime learning.
    Same here. Mrs. May my1st grade teacher at Ezel. 180 students grades 1-12. There were 23 in my graduating class.

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    Mr. Wilson for Pre-Cal. He was my inspiration to become a math teacher.