Working out 2017

Page 11 of So far I have hit the gym 9 days this year. Each workout has been for over 2 hours, with the exception of one, and that one was for 1:37 minutes. Adver... 151 comments | 6354 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Awesome! It makes it a lot easier to have common interests for sure; especially with the amount of involvement you have in sports! I'm very happy for you! How are her coffee making skills?!

    (Sorry to sidetrack this thread, btw but this was important!)
    Haven't had here coffee yet...shes too busy getting back rubs and shoulder massages to get off the couch.

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    It's not where I live, It's what I live for

    Also have been trying to listen to my fit bit a little more. It popped up last hour and told me i was only 250 steps short of my 250 step per hour goal!! I got up and walked to mailbox, garage got my steps in. Now back to this darn spread sheet I've been working on.