Whose jerseys/numbers have been retired at your high school?

Page 2 of The conversation in the thread about Jake Ohmer's number retirement got me thinking about it...which schools have retired which jerseys and numbers for... 16 comments | 1141 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deaconjim View Post
    I think you could be right on the Grant Co. thing Plantman. I believe Steve`s no. is retired.
    Hes the only one I can think of too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plantmanky View Post
    Hes the only one I can think of too.
    Only other ones that I could think of as possibilities would be either Bradie Bowen or Tyler Jones.

    And you're right on football. Sad to think that in basically 25 years there hasn't been anyone really stand out to even think of retiring their number. Some good players, but nobody that I'd consider great.