What is the oddest thing that you've seen at a sporting event?

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    Pole-sitter Roberto Guerrero crashing on the pace lap of the 1992 Indy 500.

    A Mason County football game that was so muddy that a punted ball stuck in the mud nose-first.

    A first-time (first ever event) high school sprinter yelling at the race officials that the guys in the outer lanes were cheating (unfamiliar with the concept of a staggered start) at the start of a 200 meter race.

    But the strangest HAS TO BE a guy crashing a lightweight plane into the upper deck of old Memorial Stadium in the 1976 Steelers-Colts playoff game.

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    A football game ending with the score being 2-0.
    There were four games on this day and this was the most exciting of them all. The other three had more points but none of them stuck out like this.