USC on lockdown after alleged active shooter.

Page 2 of Breaking: Shelley Smith‏Verified account @ShelleyESPN At usc... active shooter on campus. A bunch of us huddled safely. 2:45 PM - 2 Oct 2017 What... 18 comments | 884 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Be the person people are talking about, not the person talking about other people.

    Quote Originally Posted by atm10 View Post
    Disliked my post though most tended to agree it was in bad taste.
    I don't take to attacks on my character lightly...

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    I don't take to attacks on my character lightly...
    Didnt attack your character, don’t know you to do that, said your response to question was pathetic.

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    My son's school was on lockdown last Monday for an active shooter. I received his text message immediately after receiving the message from the school. He had to shelter in place in a classroom. It was a long 25 minutes until the SWAT team found the student in question. The student who threatened campus, was my son's lab partner in a biology class. One of my biggest fears when he went away to college.....

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    You were NOT hired for your brains, you hippopotamic land-mass!!

    USC professor detained after she makes false claims of "active shooter".

    USC professor detained after 'breakdown' led to active shooter scare on campus