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I get this a lot, and while I'm great at remembering faces (names not so much), if I see a person in a place where I don't expect them, I get really, really thrown off.

Three recent incidents:

On Saturday while working at the bar, this guy came in whose face I definitely knew, but hadn't seen him for a long, long time. He was feeling the same thing, and asked my name before I could introduce myself.

Turned out it was the eldest son of a gal I used to work with my two summers at Big Bone Lick SP. She was a teacher in her regular life, but she worked at the park in recreation one summer with me. Her husband and three kids were there all the time. The eldest son was I think about 15 or 16 then, and that was 24 years ago. He was in town for a wedding of a friend, and they had a big gap between the wedding and reception, so he ended up at my bar and we caught up. Pretty neat.

Not a couple hours later, I'm off work and went for a drink and a bite to eat at a bar across town, out by Heaven Hill and Willett distilleries. I'm minding my own business, reading the paper, and I overhear these biker folks at the end of the bar talking about places I knew, such as Sanders, as well as them talking about KY highway 184. I look over and shout, "Waitaminute, I know these places."

Turns out, it was a gal and her husband who used to go to my church in Warsaw (never would've pegged them for bikers), as well as a friend of theirs who used to date a different gal who went to my church. Hadn't seen any of them in some time, possibly 10 years. The gal also used to be a substitute teacher when I was in school and I had quite the crush on her in those days. Her brother is also my mom and dad's next-door neighbor. Nice catching up there.

And this was just a totally random thing, and while I'm not 100 percent, I'm fairly certain I saw Jim Bunning and his wife (who is far friendlier than he, from the times I've talked with them) eating at the restaurant I work at tonight. I didn't speak, but only because I wasn't absolutely sure. I was totally thrown off because I wouldn't expect him to be there. I know none of my co-workers would've known who he was, even if he was still in the Senate.

You guys get these weird little "small world" things? Do you get thrown off by them as much as I do, when you see someone you think you recognize at a place you don't in a million years expect them to be at?