Summer Vacation 2018

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    We are taking the 4 kids their spouses and 7 grandkids on a cruise in June to the Dominican Republic and Grand Turks.

    In july we meet my sister and her family in Myrtle Beach for a week and this year my oldest son will be my partner in the Father/Son Golf Classic.

    In late October, early November doing a river cruise on the Rhine in Germany and Amsterdam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plantmanky View Post
    Hotel rooms, travel expenses, dining out everyday, it adds up, and to me is always more of a headache than its worth. But, I never went on vacations as a kid either, so thats probably where my perspective comes from.
    Can't argue with you. Most of our vacations has been travelling to see family. We always felt a little guilty for moving away which didn't allow for much time for our kids to be with their grandparents. Last few years we are concentrating on making memories with our kids who are growing up and soon won't be taking vacations with us. So we try to find something where we can be active, enjoy the scenery, find some quiet, and each of our kids can find something they like to do.

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    Daughter will be gone to GSP 4 or 5 weeks right in the middle of the summer, so we won't be going anyplace this summer. Our family just spent a week in Florida for spring break, so we are good for now.
    We were fortunate that our daughter's GSP experience was at Morehead State. We camped at Carter Caves and drove down to see her on the designated visit day.

    Vacation plans:
    This summer we're going to Roan Mountain TN and Watauga Lake. Rented a beautiful air conditioned cabin for a reasonable amount. We'll hike, swim, fish, go horseback riding, and boating (rental).

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    We stay at Gulf Shores Plantation down by Kiva Dunes. Lots to do for the kids there and obviously nice golf...but expensive. Now one management company runs kiva, peninsula, craft farms and some others. Hard to find nice deals. Also the course at the state park closed and it wasnt a bad course!