Successful lung surgery/The danger of smoking

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    Successful lung surgery/The danger of smoking

    My mother had to under go lung surgery yesterday and came through very well.
    Doctor said he got the small spot out and all went well.
    Mom smoked for over 60 years. She quit 18 months ago.

    She will be on oxygen the rest of her life because of the damage the smoking did to her.

    Doctor scares the crap out of me and my family, who was at the hospital.

    The surgery was suppose to take three to four hours and with them getting start nearly 45 minutes late, because the of the surgery before my moms. They started around 11:30, So around 1, I walked my sister to the out patient lab to get some blood work done.
    About 1:30 I get a page from my sister the doctor needs to talk to you right now.
    Two seconds later a hospital worker comes to get me to escort me to a small conference room. About ten minute later the doctor walks in, shut the door and sets down and looks at me and is quiet for about 15 seconds. During the time I walked to the room and was setting there waiting for and then with the doctor, I was terrified. He then takes a deep breath and says all went well.

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    My mother had surgery to remove lung cancer(adenocarcinoma non small cell) back in 2014. They had to take part of her lung. I'm glad i never picked up smoking. I've tried it but just didn't care for it. Glad to hear your moms surgery went ok. My mother used to smoke as well.