Sports fan or fan of a team?

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    MLB - Anymore I don't have the patience to follow the whole season, so I typically just pay attention to the playoffs and the World Series. I tend to root for whatever team fits my mood at the minute. I'm a fair weather Reds fan. If they did well I'd probably play closer attention, but they don't, so I don't.

    NBA - Don't care to watch, nor do I even pay attention to the playoffs.

    NFL - Any game, any team, any time. Though he's no doubt the greatest QB, I love to hate Tom Brady because I think he's a spoiled brat. Because my partner was raised in Wisconsin and was pals with Bud Grant, I tend to lean toward liking Green Bay and Minnesota. I tend not to like the Cowboys. I have a love/hate relationship with the Steelers... presently I'm in love. The Bengals always disappoint me, but I'd certainly dig seeing them do well. I follow other teams by my mood.

    College Football - Since I devote my Sundays to the NFL, I get out of the house on Saturdays. I've never followed it very closely, but I know where to find my buddy Big John on Saturday afternoons if I want to drop by to say hello. I'm happy for College football fans for there's no shortage of it for them on TV on Saturdays, but for me it's just overkill.

    College Basketball - Any game, any team, any time. I don't like U.C., but I do like Xavier. I do pay attention to Kentucky yet I'm tired of relearning a whole new roster every season. I'm happy to see NKU succeed, and thrilled we have a local NKY D1 team now to get behind. I can watch Nobody U. play Anybody Community College - it's all good.

    Tennis - Really dig it when I commit to watching, yet it's not often that I commit to watching as there's no telling how long it will last, so I don't know how much of my day I'm going to invest in it.

    Golf - I like to have the volume down and take about an hour Saturday afternoon nap to it. The green grass is pleasant to look at and the announcers are typically laid back. I next to never commit much more than that to it as I wouldn't be interested in devoting all day to it.

    NASCAR - Same same same lame

    NHL - The nasally announcer that typically gets prime time is interesting and no doubt has been selected for his voice, but it annoys me to listen to him for more than 5 minutes. I really have no hockey tradition and its hyper action just wears me out.

    Soccer - Though I have tried to watch it, it generally bores me. Once in a blue moon depending on the game I'll commit to it and find a marginal amount of interest, yet mostly it's a snoozer to me.

    Offbeat sports - On occasion I'll devote my attention to stuff like snowboarding or skateboarding competitions. Just about any sport is fair game and might hold my interest for a while but typically I can change the channel on it all in a heartbeat if something else more important to me is on. When I do watch these offbeat sports It's merely by chance as I'm not searching the TV schedule for it.

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    Not really a sports fan so much as a basketball fan, and I like players more than teams. The exception being UK basketball because the world can never have enough unbearable Cats fans.

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    College Sports - I watch and root for the schools I attended and support financially, USF, UK, Morehead State, Marquette, and Cumberland College (Yeah, I know. They're still the Indians, too, as far as I am concerned.). I follow Notre Dame and Cincinnati, but I don't go out of my way to root for them. There are exceptions, but once my schools are done playing, I'm done, too. I enjoy the game day experience of college athletics over watching it on TV. Tailgating, being in the stadium, being on a campus, and being at watch parties with friends and alumni is different than any other experience. The professional game day experience is not the same.

    NHL - I love it. Can't get enough of it. I know this will sound odd, but with the advent of HDTV I follow the puck better at home than at the game live. However, being at the game is a blast that cannot be duplicated at home. I'm a Lightning fan, but will watch any team play.

    MBL - I'm a cursory fan at best, now. I used to love it and still love it's history, but 4 1/2 hour games and the long season has grown boring to me. I don't think I watched an entire MLB game all season this year. I only went to two minor league games this year and left one of them early. The only reason I stayed at the other, was because Mrs. S wanted to see the fireworks show after the game. The sport has gone the way of NASCAR for me. I used to love that, too, but have not watched a race in 15 years.

    NBA - I haven't watched a full NBA game in more than 20 years. Shaq was still in Orlando the last time I did so. I could not tell you the name of one player on the Magic today.

    NFL - I watch the NFL Red Zone and am a fan of the Bucs, but I don't get into it like I do my College Football teams, mentioned above. I tried having season tickets for the Bucs, but had to give them up, because they interfered with my USF away games and UK home games I like to attend. It was just too much.

    EPL - I'm a fan of Man U. I guess it's because the owners of the Bucs are the majority owners of United. I watch any match, though, on Sunday mornings, but hardly any other time.

    MLS/USL - I follow the Rowdies and watch most of their matches on YouTube. 30 years ago, I went to the games all of the time. Mrs. S and I plan on going to at least one match next season. That's another sport where being there is that much more fun.

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    MLB - Watch just about every Reds game I can, but will also sit and watch random games as well.

    NFL - Same with the Bengals. Watch them every single game, but will also watch the others that are available too.

    NHL - Nope. Can't do it.

    NBA - Cavs. Grew up with them when I was young, so enjoying the success they've had recently.

    College FB - Buckeyes. When I was younger I'd sit and watch others. Nowdays, not so much. Too much other stuff to do on Saturdays.

    College BB - Duke. Used to also watch OSU and UC, and will still occasionally. Just not into it as much. Roster turnovers with the one and dones have lessened my interest.

    NASCSAR - About 5 or 6 years ago, I'd watch the majority of the races. Followed it mostly for Jeff Gordon. As he, and many others, have retired over the past few years, finding it hard to still tune in.

    Golf - Always watch the majors. Used to watch others when Tiger was playing. Now, I'll tune in the closing round on Sunday and will see who's winning, but don't get too wrapped up in most of them unless Spieth, Day or Johnson are contending.

    Tennis - Used to follow it in the 80's and 90's. I liked Aggasi, Chang and a few others. Haven't found any others to replace them.

    Soccer - With my sincerest appologies to those who love the sport, ain't no way in... Well, let's just say it's not happening.

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    NFL- I watch every Bengals game plus whatever others are on where they are done. I watch every primetime game.
    College Football- I watch UK and the big games.
    NBA- I used to have League Pass but gone too much to enjoy now, so I watch tv games when I'm home.
    College Hoops- I watch all UK games, Morehead if on TV, and unless i got personal connection I only watch 2 powerhouses play.
    MLB- watch or listen to every Reds game and maybe a tv game if I'm bored.
    I watch all pro sports playoffs.

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    NHL - All day, every day. I don't care who's playing, I'm watching. IMO, it's the best sport to watch/follow. There's constant action and the media timeouts mainly occur between intermissions.

    NFL - I'm starting to grow tired of the NFL but only because the product isn't as entertaining anymore. I used to watch any game that was on. Now I have to search the schedule and see if there are intriguing matchups to watch. If there aren't any that strike my fancy, I guess I won't be watching the NFL that day.

    MLB - I'll watch the Reds games (or at least have the game on tv in the background while I'm doing other things). I do find it hard to watch national telecasts of baseball because I'm sick and tired of watching the Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, etc. every single day.

    NBA - I haven't watched a single minute of live game play in over a year.

    NCAAM - See above. My main issue with basketball in general is the pace of the game. I hate to see a good game be interrupted early in the 2nd half because a team reaches the double bonus. IMO, free throws kill the pace of the game and it becomes too choppy. Sometimes, the last 2 minutes of a college basketball game can take 15 minutes to play. No thanks.

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    Seems like a lot of fans are a fan of a team.
    I am a sports fan and I know you can tell from my post.

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    NHL - By far my favorite sport. I'm a Lightning fan first and foremost but I will watch any teams play. I love the action and the talent these guys have is unbelievable! Playoffs are even more intense. Absolutely riveting sport to watch, televised or in person.

    College Football - Mainly a Notre Dame fan but I watch just about any college matchup out there, particularly the SEC, but any conference will do.

    College Hockey - Mostly a Notre Dame fan, but will sometimes watch others.

    NFL - It used to be my favorite, but with all of the current rule changes they should consider switching to flag football. The game is being ruined IMO. The Cowboys are my favorite team followed by the Bengals and a few others. I used to watch any game but now I barely even watch my favorite teams any more. I couldn't even tell you what their records were last season and I didn't watch the last two Super Bowls.

    College Basketball - I'm really not a fan, I will watch a few minutes here and there of UK and I will watch some of their games during tourney time. I will say it is also fun to root for an underdog during the tourney as well, but I still watch very sparingly.

    Boxing - I used to love the sport back when all the greats boxed like Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Leonard, Hagler, Duran etc. Now I don't even watch.

    MLB - Lulls me to sleep, just not enough action for me to sit through it.

    NBA, NASCAR, Soccer, Golf, Tennis - I'd rather watch the grass grow or paint dry. No redeeming quality for me to waste my time. Boring to me and just doesn't grab my attention.