Photo shows Amelia Earhart survived?

Page 2 of Very very interesting, and a special on the History Channel Sunday night discusses s this. Investigators claim a photo shows Earhart and her navigator ... 16 comments | 1290 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Another interesting turn. Seem photo may have been from 1935.

    Japanese Blogger Points Out Timeline Flaw In Supposed Earhart Photo : The Two-Way : NPR

    While the photo may have been used as the icon of this special I found it be only a small part of the story. The presentation of previous research and facts seemed to be far more interesting that what the photo did (or did not) show.

    I really liked the analysis of the former Air Force guy on how and why they would have ended up in the Marshalls at Mili atoll. They were flying over open ocean for most of the trip - at night - using dead reckoning. And they missed their only landmark early in the flight. Using transmissions and their documented 'backup plan' if they missed Howard it seems that Mili atoll on the east side of the Japanese controlled Marshalls makes sense since the alternate plan was to use the Gilbert chain (that the Marshall Islands are a part of) as their 'fall back'. And if they were north of Howard as shown in the show Mili atoll would have been one of the first islands their path would cross.

    Some have said - how could they be so far off course and end up in the Marshalls? That would be true if one assume they went in a straight line. But this ignores that they may have been only a little bit off to the north of Howard but when they could not find it they went to plan B - fly west (probably straight west and not backtracking) to use the Gilberts as the backup plan. Again, in the special, this is well explained and makes a lot of sense.

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    I thought it was great just watched it off the dvr.