Office romances

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumper_Dad View Post
    This show from the 70's shows a few of the dangers...

    No surprise that this show didn't last long...couldn't get any one dumb enough to go on it.
    Three idiots who definitely were divorced a month after the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnottieDrippen View Post
    Can you still call it a romance if you're just sneaking off to the supply closet for a couple minutes?
    A drunken pantie dropper behind the copier doesn't count.

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    Let me tell you something, brother!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by littleluck55 View Post
    Relationships are never a good idea in the workplace.

    But the one night stand after the Christmas party is another story.....
    I had one of those a couple years ago, starting with the Christmas party, and it went on for a few months. Didn't work out much. The good thing is we stayed civil about it and now I just mostly ignore her (and her occasional flirting to see if I'm still interested). We work in different departments so that made it easier to move on. But it could've gotten ugly given her personality. Could still, because at some point her current boyfriend is liable to steal on me when he sees how she still flirts when I run into her at the bars.

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    Had a couple after getting divorce several years ago with part timers, neither stayed so no problems came about. Just a couple of parties and weekend trips to Vegas but nothing serious.