Magnolia trees winter damage

Page 2 of I think all 7 magnolia trees that my neighbor and I have on our properties have died due to the extreme cold weather last winter. They all show no sign... 18 comments | 1447 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    I think our 4 large Eastern Red Cedars aren't gonna make it. After the bitter cold they were in standing water from the rain for a week. I'm holdin out hope but they are turning brown. They are 10 years old too.

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    Do magnolia trees shed their leaves all year long or is it just a mutant tree my neighbor has that fills our front yard with waxy brown leaves non-stop?

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    Our golf course has around 30 pine trees, most around 8-10 feet tall, that are a burnt brown color. I think the -25 temps have put a hurting on them. I didn't think cold winters could damage pines but was informed by one of our club members that certain types of pine trees could freeze out under extreme winter conditions.

    And an update on my magnolias: it's mid May and they show no signs of life. I don't think I'll get anymore of them. Next choice will be something a little more hardy that can withstand extreme weather. I was told Kentucky is about as far north as can be for magnolias. They're better suited for the more southern states.

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    Just as a reference your local County Extension office will come out and look at all your trees for you. Just give them a call before you dig up / cut down a tree that may still have life in it.