Las Vegas Man Kills Himself at Buffet That Revoked Lifetime Pass

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    Las Vegas Man Kills Himself at Buffet That Revoked Lifetime Pass

    @TheDeuce, you should probably skip this buffet.

    Las Vegas Man Kills Himself After Casino Revoked His Lifetime Free Buffet Pass

    A man committed suicide just outside the buffet at a Las Vegas-area casino resort early in the evening on Easter Sunday.

    John Noble, 53, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He purposefully chose the M Resort in Henderson, Nev., about 15 minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip, as the scene of his death.

    Before killing himself, he set his own car on fire in a parking garage.

    The night before Noble ended his life, he sent a box of his gripes against M Resort employees to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, according to the newspaper.

    “Today, I end my life due to the M Resort Spa Casino and its employees,” the man wrote in one of two attached suicide notes.

    Noble blamed his then-impending death on depression. He suffered from depression, he said, because employees at the M Resort had granted him a lifetime pass to free food at the buffet in September 2010 but later took the perk away — and, in fact, banned him from the resort completely.

    Noble indicated that resort management instituted the ban because female employees felt he had been harassing them.

    This information was part of an array of handwritten notes concerning the people he blamed for his misery. All told, Noble poured out 270 pages of blame. He added a table of contents. He also created a two-hour DVD.

    Noble’s package expresses Noble’s side of the harassment story. According to him, he got in trouble for giving the female buffet employees gifts and attention.

    Page 269 of Noble’s package to the Review-Journal, entitled “The Curse,” expresses the harm Noble hoped would come to these female employees and other M Resort workers.

    In 2013, also on Easter Sunday, Noble made a suicide threat. It followed a woman’s reports that Noble was stalking her. Police intervened at the time, and Noble spent three days in a mental hospital.

    In addition, Noble spent considerable time in recent years attacking the M Resort on social media. Those attacks were fairly incessant until his death on Sunday.

    The M Resort includes 390 hotel rooms and 92,000-square-foot resort. The buffet is “regarded as one of the best in the Vegas area” and generally “off the chain,” according to Yelp users.

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    “It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am." - Muhammad Ali

    *Takes M Resort Off Itinerary*

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    He must have weighed 300+. Cannot imagine having a lifetime pass to a nice buffet...

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    Sounds like he was suffering from serious mental illness.

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    More issues than a magazine stand.....good lord.

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    The M is one of the classiest casinos in Vegas and the buffet is worth the drive. It is about 20+ minutes south of the airport. We make the trip on all of our visits to Vegas. We always rent a car so a little gas is our only cost. It would be an expensive cab ride. Green Valley Ranch is another suburban resort with a really good buffet.

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    Obviously had issues above and beyond the buffet ban. Sad situation.