Just this morning.....

Page 2 of So, I'm out of town driving to breakfast this morning on the main street of town. The local police is patrolling the street and the officer is going th... 16 comments | 851 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Slide a piece o' da' porter. Drink side, run da' java. Hey lookie here. I can dig grease 'n chompin' on some butter and draggin' through the garden.

    As someone that is pro law enforcement, I can honestly say that I am convinced that way too many police officers that I have encountered, have NO business being involved in law enforcement. This is not a swipe at every police officer, but just my take from my experiences.

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    Sittin' in the stands above the 50 yard line.

    Quote Originally Posted by se7ens View Post
    What city?
    Sorry, just got back from my trip. When I got stopped, we were driving through Gatlinburg, Tenn. At the time this craziness happened, it was so early the only cars on the main street were the police officer, another car she had stopped behind to ask why he was just sitting (my guess) and myself. My wife and I were just going to circle the block to come back and park across from where we were wanted to eat breakfast.