ESPN's Britt McHenry Berates Tow Lot Employee

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    Quote Originally Posted by LRCW View Post
    If you witnessed one of your employees treating someone like that away from the job how would you handle it?
    I am fortunate these days to not manage any one except me, myself and I, my ego, my super ego and sometimes my alterego...when she how's up.

    If, though, such a thing had happened in the job, it would have been subject to our progressive.disciplinary policy, and the discipline would have depended upon where they were in "the system". However, I have never disciplined anyone for something that happened outside of work. But I managed hourly employees, which has a different set of rules to follow legally.

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    She should be demoted to Fox News

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    Let me tell you something, brother!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TrampledUnderfoot View Post
    She should be demoted to Fox News
    Maybe put her in with some of those awful crews that Fox throws out there on Sundays for NFL games. Make sure all her games are in Minneapolis or Buffalo.