The KHSAA Board of Control conducted its final meeting of the 2015-16 academic year over a two-day session at the Association’s headquarters May 10-11. Among the various items discussed, the Board reviewed the results of a request for proposals distributed in March for a new official ball partnership, as its current agreement with Rawlings will expire at the end of the 2015-16 season. Following its review, the Board approved the Commissioner’s recommendation to accept the three-year proposal from Spalding (2016-17 through 2018-19), pending final signed contracts.

The Board completed a comprehensive review of eligibility rules and programs within the Association as required by existing state regulation, focusing on potential Constitution and Bylaw proposals to be voted on by the membership to address undue influence (recruiting) concerns and revisions to the transfer and enrollment rules. Final proposal determinations will be determined at the Board’s July meeting.

Also approved was a new mentoring and compliance field visit program for the Association. Assigned staff will be traveling to the member schools to ensure that school representatives are fully aware of the many rules regarding participation in the Association’s activities and review compliance with those rules.

The Board also approved a proposal from staff to adjust the football finals schedule beginning in 2016, by playing two games per day on Friday through Sunday. The expansion of the schedule would address a continued effort to minimize lost school time where possible, as well as help alleviate traffic concerns due to the state finals and classes at the host site.

In addition, the Board reviewed information regarding ArbiterPay services, a voluntary service for the membership which would allow local schools and districts to escrow the funds for payment of sports officials and pay officials electronically, at a very minimal cost per transaction and without the burden of the current methods. The voluntary program will be phased in as decided by local policy boards, pending written guidelines through the State Auditor’s office.


Original opening post:

I just heard that Spalding won the KHSAA bid for footballs, baseballs, softballs and basketballs. How will this play into the ball debate that is ongoing with football coaches? I personally have never seen a Spalding football.