Anyone been to Rock and Roll HOF?

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    Let me tell you something, brother!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaysie View Post
    @All In. I forgot go mention you might want to stop at Dayton, the Air Force museum. The planes and history are exhibited well and it is free. We especially liked the Presidential planes you can walk thru. They have JFK's plane and explain where his casket rode and where Johnson was sworn in. Well done and on the way to Cleveland.
    On the way to Cleveland from where? Nowhere in Ky.

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    I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last summer. It was a decent experience but I wasn't blown away by it. We took our time and tried to see each exhibit and read most of the info posted. We left about 4 hours later. I'd think it would take longer to go through a museum of that caliber.

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    No time to enjoy #4, It's on the path to #5...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Schue View Post
    On the way to Cleveland from where? Nowhere in Ky.
    It adds about 20 minutes to the drive....I'd call that on the way.

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    Question for those that have been to both the Country Music HOF in Nashville and the R&R HOF in Canton. How do those two compare?

    I've been the the Country music HOF and really enjoyed it.

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    It's not where I live, It's what I live for

    Quote Originally Posted by Theoldguy View Post
    Google Maps

    Hotels are expensive downtown and I mean expensive!

    Great Lakes Brewery! GOOD........:-)
    Trying to go to Indy Thursday night. Can't sniff any joint downtown under 4 bills! Forget about Dallas or Nashville being too expensive.