2018 Fitness Goals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wireman View Post
    I gained back one pound today. I hate when that happens but that's part of it.
    Water will mess with your head. 5-6 lb fluctuations happen. Use the belt test. That is the only thing that matters. I would just get on the scale once a week, same time (day and hour) every week. Best rolling right out of bed.

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    Had annual physical today. I'm down 25 lbs. from last year so I'll take it

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    CrossFit Open Workout 18.4

    Diane followed by some stuff I canít do.
    9 min time cap

    Diane is 21-15-9 rep scheme of 225lb deadlift and handstand push ups. If you finish that you move on to 21-15-9 of 315lb deadlifts with 50ft handstand walks in between rounds.

    If I can get through Diane before time cap, 315lb deadlift is too heavy for me right now. I have deadlifted heavy in probably 8 months. Iím guessing my 1RM is probably less than 315 right now.
    Got through 8 HSPU in the round of 15. Had a hand full of no reps or would have gotten though at least that round. Thinking about trying it again on Monday and changing some of the pacing.

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    The new HSPU standard...Geeze. So much more time under tension to get the rep. Much slower than anticipated. I got a few no reps but spent a lot of time reaching thru the shoulders and heels that it really ramped up the intensity of the HSPU which are usually just a formality.

    Got thru the 21 reps at 315 but barely had time to attempt the walk.