14 Days of Valentine's Day - 2016

Page 4 of Well, it is that time of year again where Mrs. 2C shows why she is the better half (well, she does that all year long) and she gives me these little da... 47 comments | 2600 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    It's the most wonderful time of the year

    Best thread of the year, like always 2C

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    I've enjoyed this little game again with Mrs 2C and it has been fun to share it with you guys. I don't know how interested any of you really are in such mundane things, but I don't care either because it is fun for me. LOL

    Once again, this whole thing just goes to demonstrate that I don't deserve my good fortune. Mrs. 2C is perfect for me and I thank God every day for her. I am not worthy, but I am not complaining. Of course, it isn't the gifts that matter, it's the fact that she loves me enough to take the time to pick out each one, write a corny note, and hide it for me to find every morning. She does little things all the time, most of which I take for granted, and she does everything because she loves me in spite of my flaws and shortcomings. Her motives are pure, and her heart is as big as the moon. And the beauty of her is she doesn't think she is anything special, even though she is one in a million.

    She sometimes reads this forum, and I hope she realizes how much I appreciate her for little things like this.

    I hope all of you are blessed with someone special, just like I am.

    Happy Valentine's Day

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    In God's hands

    So did you get her the car?